Thanks for finding me online! I am a pastor in search of my next ministry. The purpose of my website is to give churches considering pastoral candidates a snapshot view of who I am and provide resources to evaluate me further.

Three years ago when our family moved to Houston we unexpectedly stepped into a difficult situation resulting from the preceding (and founding) pastor’s disqualification from ministry. Through a difficult season I have had the opportunity to guide our people towards wholeness in Christ and a restored vision of life together as a healthy local church. Jenny and I are thankful for the good, restorative work God has done here over the past few years.

Together with our leadership team, we ultimately realized that sending everyone out to new, healthier churches and then closing Kaleo would serve our people best. To that end we held our final Sunday service in August and are now operating exclusively through our small groups. This has allowed us to continue caring for and shepherding our people while also enabling them to engage new churches on Sunday mornings.

Jenny and I have begun to look for our next church home as well. As such, we are spending time checking churches out online that have a pastoral opening. This site is intended to make it easy for churches to do the same with me; I hope it is helpful and I will be adding content regularly. If you would like to be in touch you can reach me here.