Thanks for finding me online! I am a pastor in search of my next ministry and this site is part of that process. I am posting content that I hope is helpful to churches considering me as a pastoral candidate.

My circumstances are unusual. I am leading the church I currently serve through an intentional “wind down” process. Our leadership is convinced that sending out all of our people to new, healthy churches and then closing the church is what would serve our people best. We held our final Sunday morning service in August and now function exclusively in small group/home church mode. In so doing we continue to care for and shepherd our people while also enabling them to engage new churches on Sunday mornings.

At the same time, and with the church’s full support, I have begun looking for my next ministry. As such, Jenny and I have been checking churches out online as we look at opportunities and consider where to apply. It seemed wise to put up a simple site to make it easy for those considering me as a candidate to do the same in reverse.

I can be reached here.