I Believe: Introduction and Summary

Affirming the historic, evangelical understanding of Scripture.

Introduction and Summary

In the preceding series of posts, I have laid out my understanding of the Bible’s teaching on primary theological topics. In summary, I affirm the historic, evangelical understanding of Scripture from a baptistic point of view. I believe that emphasis on the gospel, community, and mission in the life of the church emerges organically from a proper understanding of Scripture.

From inception in 2004, Kaleo has used the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith as the doctrinal standard for its elders. It has been our foundation for doctrinal unity and our “posture” towards the Bible’s teaching. I think it is an excellent summary of doctrine, alongside other similar confessions. It is the doctrinal statement Charles Spurgeon used in his ministry, so in affirming it we have been in great company.

This series of posts is drawn from my own doctrinal statement, a complete copy of which is here. In addition to the Bible, I consulted the following organization’s doctrinal statements in its preparation:

The Gospel Coalition, Together For The Gospel, Village Church in Highland Village, TX, Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA, Immanuel Church in Nashville, TN, College Church in Wheaton, IL, University Reformed Church in East Lansing, MI, and Summit Church in Raleigh, NC.

Additionally, I consulted the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, the Elder Affirmation of Faith of Bethlehem Baptist Church, the notes and resources sections of the ESV Study Bible and the MacArthur Study Bible, Grudem’s Systematic Theology, Packer’s Knowing God, Tozer’s The Knowledge of the Holy, Driscoll’s Death By Love, the Evangelical Free Church of America’s Evangelical Convictions, desiringgod.org, and 9marks.org.

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