The Church Ought To… (1)

A local church ought to be and do certain things, all of which can be captured under the following three headings.

  • The good news about Jesus is the center of the life and worship of both the believer and the local church. It is to be continually proclaimed and applied to both the lost and the found, in the power of the Spirit.
  • The local church is a gospel community of mission. The central work of the church is fostering and enjoying whole-life worship, community, and mission, in Christ, unto the glory of God and the joy of all peoples. In addition, a church’s leadership should cultivate a culture where the atmosphere of the gospel and the resources of the Holy Spirit are pursued, valued, and experienced.
  • Prayer is foundational to the work of the church, and prayerful dependence must be interwoven with every aspect of ministry.

This series lays out my understanding of the church’s purpose and mission. It is drawn from my philosophy of ministry, available here.

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