My/Our Story: Decade 2

shovel guy 2

“Decade 2” of my post-collegiate, adult life runs from 2009-2018. So not quite a decade. Opening and closing a church in short order, as I did in North Port, was life-changing for me. Convinced I had failed in my calling, I left pastoral ministry in 2009 and moved our family to North Carolina. I worked for five years in “the family business” at my dad’s insurance agency, expecting to build a new career. Instead, God used those years to heal, restore, and renew me for future kingdom work. My identity in Christ and God’s love for me, regardless of my performance and success, became more precious to me. I grew in empathy for broken and hurting people and in my understanding of His grace amidst adversity. He also deepened my sense of calling and gave me a strong desire to return to pastoral ministry. The years I spent as a church planter and in North Carolina blessed and changed me in unexpected ways.

When I was called to serve at Kaleo in 2014, I was excited to be pastoring again. However, the difficulties I was to encounter here lay just ahead of me. Looking back, the adversities I have faced in and out of ministry have both played a part in preparing me for how God has used me here. As a result, I have come to thank God for the adversity and trials He has brought me through. They have been God’s instrument to refine me, making me more fully His own and more useful in His service.

Second to following Jesus, loving my family well is the most important thing in my life. Jenny and I love and enjoy life together and with our kids. As a family, we stay busy with scouting, youth group, ballet, piano, and school. While moving around has brought some challenges, God has given us great stability and joy in the journey. We know that the Lord is good and gives good gifts to His children, even through adversity. Jenny and I are looking forward with anticipation to what God has in store for our family, confident that all things are working together for our good.